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Bakersfield, CA - March 018-20, 2011: The weather plagued 53rd March Meet is in the books. In fact it's a miracle the meet got finished at all. Weeks before the event the weather on the West Coast had been bad to say the least. Days before kick-off the Bakersfield weather reports were for rain and snow most of the weekend... and other than Friday, it felt like rain all the time but it never came. In the end the villain was wind - a very strong wind that whipped the area mercilessly from early Sunday morning on.

The race was rescheduled for the following Saturday and the week in between also offered a mixed bag of bad weather. Since the cacklecar display only had 8 cars, no one chose to come back. So, basically there were only 3 days to see/shoot the cars in the pits at Famoso.

Here are a few photos of those who braved it out and manage to permeate the air with the sweet smell of nitro.




Things got underway on Thursday when John Ewald's Mastercar loaded onto a flatbed and headed into Bakersfield where it was featured at the Chuy's March Meet/St. Patrick bash.








Made noise, had dinner, back to The Patch.


All but one car was housed in the "Cacklecar Complex" made up of John Ewald's rig and Ron Johnson's motorhome.


Ewald Bros. BankAmericar, John Ewald's Mastercar and Bob Hirsh's Anaconda



Ron Johnson's ChiZler and The Poachers of Paul Schavrien.



Don Preito's Hustler V




Wayne King's Doss-Clayton-King fueler.


Glen Cupit, Jay Carpenter, Bob Hirsch and Don Prieto


Roger Lee chose to park his Brissette "Tribute" car in The Grove and did several fire-ups including this one with "Kackle Ken" Riley in the seat.







Chicken Nitro soup?









Howard Haight in the ChiZler


Wayne King gave Annette Barton (a writer and photog for Cruizin Magazine up in the NW) a thrill in his DCK car fitted with zoomie header instead of its normal weed burners.





Cameron Ferre in The Poachers was the only cacklecar to see the strip. Ferre did a nice burnout for a rookie. (Videos at bottom of page)







Bruce Dyda of Dyda Race Eng. (who did the restoration on the BankAmericar, Poachers, Great Expectations ect.) got his first seat in another cacklecar he restored - the Mastercar.






Following Bruce's fire-up, his wife Debra got her first cackle in the BankAmericar.








These guys had some hard core equipment to chronicle the event.




Paul Schavrien put his niece Eileen Atkinson in The Poachers for a fire-up.






Ron Johnson's daughter Connie brought Tracy Halstead (her husband Mike drives the Bomb Squad funny car) over for a fire-up in his ChiZler.






Bob Hirsch did a couple of fire-ups with his beautiful Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda".




Saturday afternoon saw the weather turn more threatening and colder.


Saturday night John Ewald put long time friend Bill Pratt in his Mastercar to warm up the fans.






Then Ken Elliott burned up some nitro in the BankAmericar.






Don Prieto fire-up his Hustler VI
















Check back for coverage of our next event.

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