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Alan James, a former crew member for Jim Herbert, is the owner of Jim's old Woody car. He did a lot of the restoration work on the car at Dave Uyehara's shop. This is the car in which Jim was burned pretty badly at Kingdon when an oil filter split open. Uyehara was in the seat for its debut and had it on 85% with 35 degrees of lead for the Cacklefest.







John Ewald in his Jim Davis "Mastercar" AA/FD.








Don Ewald was in the seat of the John Buttera legacy - the Ewald Bros. BankAmericar AA/FD,









Larry Payne's "Gang Green" with Al Bergler Jr. in the seat.






Another real beauty out of the Al Bergler camp is the restored "Probe" AA/FD owned and driven by Ed Golden.






The man himself, Al Bergler in his restored More Aggrivation AA/MFC.






Terry Maestrejuan in his Dyda Race Eng. restored Woody car dubbed "Thunder Chief". Terry ran Top Fuel in the 60's but was unable to find any of his old cars to restore so he found a 1967 Woody car without a history and made it his own... and what a beauty it is.








Wayne King in his Doss-Clayton-King AA/FD.







Bobby Hansen in his restored "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD.







The legends - car and driver - Red Greth in his Speed Sport roadster "Ol Noisy".








Rod Hynes in the Childs & Albert Addict AA/FD.






Out of the shop of Tom Hanna, the immaculately restored Creitz & Donovan AA/FD. Butch Maas was in the car for the push start, but Corey Conyers was in in for the parade.







Ronnie Hampshire got the privilege of being in the Fuller-chassied "Gingrass and Dearmore" AA/FD freshly restored by Larry Crossan with the guidance of John Dearmore. To say this is a solid "10" would be an understatement. Photos can't do it justice.









Canadian Top Fuel and Funny Car driver, Terry Capp make his first Cacklefest appearance in the seat of Jim Green's Assassin.









Sam Chastain (who did the restoration) was once again in the Dan Richins "Iron Horse" AA/FD.








Original driver, Walt Stevens in Paul Schavrien's 'The Poachers' AA/FD.






Another extraordinary restoration is the 1965 Yeakel Plymouth Special originally driven by Tom McEwen - Paul Rossi was in it here.








Bob Hirsch's tribute reproduction of the Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda". Another stunning piece of craftsmanship and grace.









Your hero and mine, "TV Tommy" Ivo in Ron Johnson's "Barnstormer". This is a repop of one of Ivo's most famous cars.









One of the more unique bodies Tom Hanna crafted over the years was on the Northwest based Eagle Electric car - the figure head of the Bucky Austin collection. Don Hampton was once again in the seat.







The other car from the Ron Johnson stable is the no nonsense Shubert & Herbert SBC powered fueler. Mark McCormack was in the seat.







One of two cars to make its debut out of the Bucky Austin camp was the restored 1965 Northwind AA/FD.








Rob Bruins was right at home in the seat of Herm Petersen's restored Woody car.









The second Bucky Austin restored bad boy to make its CHRR debut was the 1970 Dailey & Johnson late model hemi car with none other than Hank Johnson in the seat. Like all of Bucky's cars this one is flawless.








The car that started it all - Bill Pitts Fuller "Magicar" with original driver Jeep Hampshire in the cockpit.










When Pat Foster did this recreation of the 1969 Beebe & Mulligan car for Dave West in 2000 he set the bar for all to follow. To this day its still one of the most popular cacklecars going and as pristine as the day it was finished.








One of the original nine cacklecars is Kenny Safford in the Safford Gaide Ratican Olds powered A/FD. It appeared this year that Kenny is grooming his grandson to someday take over the controls.








Another Cacklefest vet is Carl Olson in Mike Kuhl's 1969 Woody car.









The car that was right on the Magicar's coat tails is the Vagabond owned by the Anderson Family... daughter Jessica in the seat.








Yet another beauty out of the Bucky Austin collection is 1969 Don Long chassied Jerry Ruth business coupe. The King himself was in the seat.








Hailing from the NHRA Motorsports Museum, the Howard Cams Rattler has had more cackle drivers and traveled more miles than any other car. 2008 CHRR Honoree Steve Davis got the seat here.








Sonny Massner was back with his Garlits Swamp Rat III reproduction complete with a Handicapped placard hanging from the rollbar.









A man and machine that needs no introduction - but we will - Art Chrisman in his Hustler I. It has become custom that Art is always the last car in the parade and the last to push down.








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