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After the parade, the self start cars were brought out to be fired up in front of the grandstands. More cars than those invited actually showed up - more than what was anticipated and the result was the this part of the program took an excessive amount of time. The push start part of the program was delayed as a result of this and it was a long wait for all the fans who stuck it out waiting to see what they actually came for.

Once underway, the push start segment went pretty well considering the number of cars. The first few cars were parked incorrectly, near the starting line instead of down by the 1,000 foot mark on the track but once that got corrected, that part of the program with exceptions was uneventful. However, as reported in the Introduction, there will be some major changes to Cacklefest 2010 and the whole deal should run much smoother in the future.

Note: All the photos I received from Cacklefest were used... good and bad. There are more shots of some cars than others only because that's what our photographers got and sent. No slights intended to any of the great cars that made up the largest Cacklefest yet who did not get a lot of photo coverage.


The self-start cars took forever to get ready and since most of the photographers were up track where the push start cars were suppose to go we don't have a lot of static start fire-up shots.



Pesek and Lucas - Hustlers AA/FD


Dick Venables - Stevens & Venables AA/FD



Jim Rodarmel - Cupit & Cunningham



After sitting in the cars for over 50 minutes the push start cars finally got their call to roll starting with Wayne King. The spacing of the cars being sent down and parking them would prove to be inconsistent throughout. This too hindered photo coverage.





Gingrass & Dearmore AA/FD






Roger Lee - Brissette & Sutherland AA/FD





Red Greth - Speed Sport AA/MR




Seaman & Cooper 'Outcast' AA/FA



Trevor Larkin - Tommy Larkin




Bobby Hansen - "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD






Tommy Allen - Allen & Huff AA/FD






Cross-Mann-King - Jr. Fuel



Paul Sutherland - Old Timers AA/FD







Ron Stearns - Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/A Coupe.



Bob Bilbow - Lyndwood Welding Special A/FD





Jim Adolph - Pure Heaven II AA/FA







Bob Hirsch in Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda". Due to a stack up that resulted in his push start procedure being thrown off and then procedural confusion including a second attempt to fire, the engine hydrauliced.

In view of the substantial number of cars that have been push started over the years, and the fact there have been so few incidents like this is a testament to the seriousness that everyone displays when participating. However, much more attention to procedures will be taken in the future.

It has been suggested (and a good suggestion it is) that starting next year there will be some kind of marker or light on the push road and if you are not fired by the time you get there - its over. Like other rules that will be enforced, if one continues to try to fire after that point the cars will be penalized.




The cast iron had to go somewhere...




Tommy Larkin - Weiss & Larkin Top Gas



Don Ewald - BankAmericar AA/FD

















John Ewald - Mastercar AA/FD











Jessie Schrank - Schrank Bros. A/FD







Sam Davis - Freight Train AA/GD





Dave Uyehara - Raynor & Herbert AA/FD




Fireside Inn AA/FMR




Tommy Ivo - Barnstormer AA/FD



Frank Hall - Jerry Ruth AA/FD



Gretchen Perrenot -The Gizzle Hopper AA/FMC



Ron Johnson - Shubert & Herbert A/FD






Terry Maestrejuan - "Thunder Chief" AA/FD




Paul Rossi - Yeakel Plymouth Spec. AA/FD




Paradise Alley AA/FD



Tom Toler - Addict AA/FD





Walt Stevens - The Poachers AA/FD




Roger Gates - Pipedream Racing AA/FD






George Bukureshliev - Ash Marshall's "Scorcher" AA/FD




Pete Eastwood - Samurai AA/FD




Jerry Ruth - Jerry Ruth AA/FD





Hank Johnson - Dailey & Johnson AA/FD





Sean Bellemeur - Howard Cams Rattler (failed to fire)


Rob Bruins - Petersen & Fitz AA/FD





John Rasmussen - Adams-Wayre-Mulligan AA/FD



Goob Tuller - Creitz & Donovan AA/FD






Tom Hanna heading up track.



Al Eshenbaugh - Steinegger & Eshenbaugh AA/FD



Dave West - Beebe & Mulligan AA/FD







Carl Olson - Mike Kuhl AA/FD









Jeep Hampshire - Magicar AA/FD











Jessica Anderson - The Vagabond AA/FD




Kenny Safford - Safford-Gaide-Ratican A/FD




Sonny Massner - Garlits Swamp Rat III




Don Garlits - Swamp Rat V



Art Chrisman - Hustler I AA/FD




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