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Wayne King is directed to park in the wrong place and so it began.




Roger Lee was also parked wrong.



The Dearmore car lost a blower belt and had to be pushed to the center.


The first car to get it right was Red Greth in the Speed sport car.














































































































































































































































































































































A very nice way for Art Chrisman to celebrate his 80th Birthday.



Garlits sprung a water leak from the heads at the end of his cackle. No clue why these guys felt compelled to use a bag of grease sweap to clean it up. Seems to me the water would kind of go away on its own by morning. Just a thought.






As noted in the Introduction, tentative change for 2010 will shift the fire up for self-start cars to Sunday Morning before eliminations. This means that on Saturday night, only true push-start cars will be part of the Cacklefest. This will shorten the program substantially. In addition, all cacklecar entrants will be urged, (first time entrants will be required) to be on the grounds Thursday morning and participate in the various training and practice exercises that will be staged that day. The sheer number of cars participating means that everyone has to know exactly what to do, and when and how to do it. Everyone enjoys the Cacklefests, no one more than us, but it's clear that changes must be made to make the event more spectator oriented.


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Push Start Practice

Parade Part One

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The Big Show - Part 1

The Big Show - Part 2

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