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Goodguys 6th Del Mar Nationals

Cacklefest.com working with the Goodguys arranged for a display of Cacklecars and appropriate era push cars at the Del Mar Car Show. Drawing on Standard 1320 members for Cacklecars yielded four cars for a set-up inside in addition to Norm Weekly with the Frantic Four car and Dennis Prater and his Stellings and Hampshire car which were setting up outside to do fire-ups. The Ted Cyr Lincoln and Chris Karamesines original Chizler rounded out the inside display.


Bill Pitts Magicar. Bill on the right, doing his favorite thing, telling people about these old cars and what is being done with them to preserve their history.


The Poachers AA/FD, formerly owned by Jack McCloud, restored in 2005 by Paul and Pam Schavrian.




The Loukas/Preising Competition Coupe, soon to lose it's engine for the next 15 months, so the Chizler can live again. Behind is Ted Cyr's 65 Ford Fairlane Ranchero.



Ted Cyr's Lincoln with Ted's personal 40 Hudson Pickup in "Push" posture! Paul and Pam Schavrian, owners of the Poacher, behind and to the right.


The Maynard/Karamesines Chizler 204 car, recently removed from the Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum. Behind is long-time San Diego area rodder, Ray Lake's Jag suspended 5.0 liter Ford powered F-100.




The Shubert & Herbert recreation owned by Ron Johnson on its custom trailer behind Ron's El Camino.



Parked behind the Shubert & Herbert car was the Paradise Alley 1965 Woody car. This is a very nice piece but was not originally raced as a fuel dragster. It has yet to make an appearance in a Cacklefest.





Norm Weekly and Dennis Prater were busy doing fire-ups the entire weekend with the Frantic Four car and the Stellings & Hampshire car outside the building.


Ron's El Camino, The Chizler and The Magicar.


Keeping the cacklecars company inside were three of the "new kids". The NE-1 dragsters of Chuck Bayuk and Zimmerman, Witek & Martin flank the VRA Top Fuel Champion car of Neal & White.





Check back for more event coverage as they happen.




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