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While the parade was still going on the static start cars were setting up near the starting line.






On a countdown from the crowd all the static cars fired up.


The first two cars to puch down were the Frantic 4 and Trevor Larkin.


Burkholder Bros. AA/FA



Dane Matsubara - Mondello & Matsubara AA/FA



Ewell-Bell-Olson AA/FD



George Bukureshliev - Ash Marshall's "Scorcher" AA/FD




Bruce Bartlett - Pesek and Lucas - Hustlers AA/FD






Ed Lenarth - Holy Toledo AA/FC



Ron Rivero - Frantic 4 AA/FD







Trevor Larkin - Tommy Larkin A/FD




Paul Southern - Old Timers AA/FD







Pete Eastwood - Samuari AA/FD






Jay Carpenter - Poison Ivy AA/FD.











Sam Davis - Freight Train AA/GD









Roger Garten - Tocco-Harper-Garten AA/FA








Jessie Schrank - Schrank Bros. AA/FD








Ron Stearns - Ratican Jackson Stearns A/A Coupe






Brian Perrenot - "The Gizzle Hopper" AA/FC










Jack Jones - Northwest Hitter A/FD







Dave Jeffers - Dead End Kids A/FD








Roger Gates - Pipedream Racing AA/FD







Don Prieto - Hustler V AA/FD









Dave Uyehara - Raynor, Bishop & Herbert AA/FD












Eily Stafford - Paradise Alley AA/FD
(failed to fire)



John Ewald - Mastercar AA/FD












Jason Rupert - Eagle Electric AA/FD










Don Ewald - BankAmericar AA/FD











Al Bergler Jr. - Gang Green AA/FD











Bruce Larson - Tommy Ivo AA/FD





Al Bergler - More Aggrivation AA/FMC









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