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Terry Maestrejuan - Thunder Chief AA/FD
(failed to fire)




Ed Golden - The Probe AA/FD









Wayne King - Doss Clayton & King AA/FD









Red Greth - Speed Sport 1 AMR










Bobby Hansen - Wynn's Spoiler AA/FD









Butch Maas - Creitz & Donovan AA/FD





Rod Hynes - Addict AA/FD







Ronnie Hampshire - Gingrass & Dearmore AA/FD














Terry Capp - Assassin AA/FD
(failed to fire)



Walt Stevens - The Poachers AA/FD











Sam Chastain - Iron Horse AA/FD








Tom Ivo - Barnstormer AA/FD







Paul Rossi - Yeakle Plymouth Spec. AA/FD









Marc McCormick - Shubert & Herbert A/FD







Don Hampton - Eagle Electric AA/FD













Hank Johnson - Dailey & Johnson AA/FD












Rob Bruins - Petersen & Fitz AA/FD















Jeep Hampshire - Magicar AA/FD













Kenny Safford - Safford Gaide Ratican A/FD










Carl Olson - Kuhl & Olson AA/FD










Jessica Anderson - Vagabond AA/FD











Steve Davis - Howard Cams Rattler









Jerry Ruth - Jerry Ruth AA/FD













Sonny Messner - Swamp Rat III AA/FD







Art Chrisman - Chrisman & Cannon 'Hustler 1'









After nearly 2 hours and over 200 gallons of nitro Cacklefest VIII came to an end and the fans flooded the track. Hopefully this coverage wasn't too much but for us this is the grand daddy of Cacklefest and it deserves star billing. It's mind boggling to foresee what Cacklefest IX will bring but you can bet all of those who can will be there to experience it!










A decade ago some of the members of the Standard 1320 Group started meeting at the IN-N-OUT in Bakersfield after the race on Sunday including several folks with cacklecars. Each year saw more and more people stop for the best burger on the planet and one last bench racing session. In 2001 someone had the idea of firing up a couple of the cars on the trailer for a parting nitro fix. The manager said why not and so the now annual IN-N-OUT mini-cackle is a tradition that is actually advertised in advance by the restaurant.


Over the years the car count has varied but two have been staples - The Vagabond and Magicar and this year was no exception. For many this deal marks the official end of a CHRR,










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