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2009 CHRR

Parade Part One




Following first round of Top Fuel Saturday evening the tempo of the CHRR takes a palpable turn. Following the somber reading of the list of names our family has lost since the 2008 CHRR (and this year it was disturbingly long) the staging lanes, FULL of cacklecars (100), came to life. With Jon Lundberg and Mike English on the remote microphones, the cars were towed/pushed out one at a time for the Cacklefest Parade. This ritual lets the fans get some information about and get a good look at the cars, drivers and crew and this year it seemed to go on forever.

As this report went together what struck me was not how many cars were here but how many were not. Just some of the qualified Top Fuel cacklecars that didn't make it this year is an impressive list to say the least. Cars like Warren-Coburn-Miller, Smirnoff, Ernie's Camera Shudder Bug, Scorpion II, Scorpion V, Speed Sport II, Dean Engineering, Stellings & Hampshire, Northwind, Syndicate AA/FD, Loukas & Preising, Glass Slipper, Swamp Rat VIII, The Assassin, Blood Sweat & Nitro, Greer Black & Prudhomme, Albertson Olds, Chubasco, Croshier-Baltes-Lavato, Frantic 4, Iron Horse, The Probe, Swamp Fox, Eagle Electric, etc. etc. etc. What if we gave this party and everybody came! We could conceivably have 100 push start cars!

Now - everybody loves a parade and this is a long one....

Note: All the photos received for the parade and Cacklefest proper were used. There are more shots of some cars than others only because that's what we got. No slights intended to any of the great cars that made up the largest Cacklefest yet. The photos are in the order the cars were introduced.


Following Top Fuel Mike Boyd and Ron Hope made an exhibition runs in their fabled Winged Express and Rat Trap AA/FA.







Leading off the marathon parade part of Cacklefest was the Honorees starting with Bob Smith.


Jess Tyree


Steve Reyes


Dan Broussard



Walt Stevens



Parade announcers Jon Lundberg and Mike English.


Peter Broadribb has become an honorary Cacklefest staple with his Moody's Garage D/G '55 Chevy.


First out were all the self-start cars starting with the Budweiser King funny car.



Ray Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil AA/FD on its first trip to the left coast.




Preston Davis in Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil flopper.



Stone Woods Cook




The beautiful Mondello & Matsubara AA/FA restored by Karpo Murkijanian and Pete Eastwood. In the seat was Dane Matsubara, Sush's grandson.




The 1968 version of the Ewell-Bell-Olson car that car went on to get a late model hemi and full body in 1969.




Wayne Miggelizza's car from Payson, Arizona. They are looking for anything about the cars history.




Burkholder Bros. AA/FA




Panic AA/FA




All the way from Georgia was the Stephens & Venables car owned by Rip and Natalee Wiley and driven by Dick Venables.










The Pesek and Lucas - Hustlers Car Club AA/FD, owned by Bruce Bartlett of Las Vegas, Nevada. It's an original SPE / Roy Fjastad car that had been stashed away for over 35 years. Car only had 5 or 6 runs on it when originally raced.







Wayne Parick in his John Wiebe 1969 car.





Making their Cacklefest debut was the Colorado based Kaiser Bros.







Odd for sure but a real piece of history - the Allison powered car of Art Arfons.



Not to be confused with the Jungle Jim Camaro that ran in Nostalgia Funny Car this is a Jungle Jim cacklecar. Got it?



"Wild Willie" Borsch flopper.








Roland Leong's 1965 Hawaiian










The first of the push start cars to be introduced was Red Greth in his Speed Sport roadster.






Roger Lee thought he'd get ahead of the game and was suited up and ready to go in his Brissette & Sutherland fueler. Little did he know that we would be stuck in the cars on the other end for nearly an hour while the self-start fiasco played out.








Wayne King was back again in his Doss-Clayton-King AA/FD.









Trevor Larkin in his Tommy Larkin Chevy car.



Making his debut was Tommy "The Watchdog" Allen in his Woody Trick Car.










All the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada the Egbert Bros. Seaman & Cooper 'Outcast' AA/FA. This is a real deal restoration done by B.J. Seaman. Both he and Egbert went on to field several top fuel cars in the 60s.






Bobby Hansen in his restored "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD.which was owned in 1963 by his father-in-law and driven by Bobby's brother-in-law Ronnie Grams.








The "Gingrass and Dearmore" AA/FD freshly restored by Larry Crossan with the guidance of John Dearmore.







Out of the Bucky Austin camp the Cross-Mann-King - the only known Jr. Fuel cacklecar.






Don Prieto in his Hustler V.








Another newbee was Glen Cupit's Chevy powered Cupit & Cunningham fueler with Jim Rodarmel in the cockpit.








This car may not have a racing history but its Cacklefest driver sure does. Paul "The Kid" Sutherland was in the "The Old Timers". It's a car Sutherland, Don Prieto and Pete Ogden built in the 60's but never ran. Sutherland had his signature pointy-nose face mask remade for this event.






The Power Kings out of Phoenix put this club tribute car together.





Bob Bilbow in the Lyndwood Welding Spec. car from Pennsylvania. Bill & Margaret Klein from Manassas, VA brought it to the Reunion. Harry 'Tim' Reese who worked for Pat while still in High School was Crew Chief. Tim now lives in Claremont, CA.






Bob Hirsch's tribute reproduction of the Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda". Another stunning piece of craftsmanship and grace.







Ron Stearns in the Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/A Coupe.




Jim Adolph in Pure Heaven II AA/FA.




East coast shoe Art Marshall was in the Jim & Alison Lee "Great Expectations" restoration done by Bruce Dyda and owned by Brian Beattie.








Tom McIntyre, from Burbank, now owns the Weiss & Larkin AA/GD.





John Ewald in his Mastercar.








Back for their 7th Cacklefest was Don Ewald and the BankAmericar.










Sam Davis once again got the seat in John Peter's legendary "Freight Train".






The Schrank Bros. 1960 A/D with Jessie Schrank in the seat.






Another car making its debut out of the Austin camp was the restoration of Larry Dixon's Fireside Inn AA/MFR.







Dave Uyehara in the Raynor & Herbert car.







Jerry Ruth's 1970 "business coupe" with Frank Hall in the seat.




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